Dinosaur Zookeeper

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When it comes to prehistoric animal care, no one is better suited than a dinosaur zookeeper. Unfortunately he just got fired, so now it’s up to you. Take your fledgling dinosaur park from empty and safe to full and incredibly dangerous. Everyone knows that keeping dinosaurs behind fences is a losing game, but do your best to keep the bloodbath at bay and get paid. Remember, if too many visitors die it will be your job that’s going extinct.

Have fun and enjoy playing Dinosaur Zookeeper.


Dinosaur Zookeeper is played with the mouse and keyboard.

At night, use the mouse to place new dinosaurs in the park. Draw fences around them to prevent them from eating your park guests.

During the day, be prepared for chaos. If a dinosaur turns red and begins to rampage, you can use a variety of tools by selecting them with the mouse or pressing the number keys to try and save your park.

If too many visitors or dinosaurs die in a single day, your park will be closed.

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