What are we looking for?

    • Quality Games.
    • Nothing too easy or too hard, just ballanced.
    • Games should be unreleased and not yet available to the public.

What are the requirements?

    • You display KBH Games at the beginning of your game.
    • Somewhere in the game need to have a link to
    • You must agree that the version of the game with our “branding” will be the only one allowed to be distributed on the internet,but selling site-locked licenses to other sites are negotiable.
    • Allowing your mochiad to be displayed are also negotiable
    • We not only allow that the developers include a credit to themselves in the game somewhere – we encourage it.

How much are we offering for a game?

    • It differs from game to game. Our sponsorships usualy range from $600 to $2000 (a good game can easily get $600-$1500).
      Truly exceptional games can even go to 2000+.