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CS Portable

CS Portable is fun FPS online shooting game. Co-op zombie survival, bomb defuse, hostage rescue, and much more!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.
Instruction: Movement 'WASD' keys or Arrow keysCrouch 'X' keyWalk Left ShiftJumping SpacebarShooting Left Mouse ButtonQuick Stab (knife only) Left Mouse ButtonFatal Stab (knife only) Right Mouse ButtonScope Sniper Rifle Right Mouse ButtonReloading 'R' keySelect Primary Weapon '1' keySelect Pistol '2' keySelect Knife '3' KeySelect Grenades '4' keySelect Bomb '5' keyQuick Selection Mouse ScrollPlant Bomb Hold Left Mouse ButtonDeactivate Bomb Hold 'E' keyHeal Player Cut (yes, with the knife!) the player you wish to heal.Open Door Press 'E' keyRescue Hostage Press 'E' keyChat Press 'Y' then type in your message. Press 'Enter' to sendWeapon Shop 'B' keyThrow Gun Away 'G' keyToggle Flashlight 'F' keyMenu 'M' keySpray Clan Tag 'T' keyControls can also be customized by going the Menu>Controls>Set Controls

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CS Portable is a War Game you can play online at KBH Games. It had received 1074 likes from our users. We are a game website dedicated to bring you the highest quality free online games and the best online gaming experience.